French bulldogs are small sized pets as the best domestic dogs. These were bred in the 1800s by the lace workers of England, which worked in France. The displacement of these dogs was done during the phases of Industrial revolution and this breed has been in trend since then. There are many celebrities and personalities keeping these dogs as their pets and the charm of keeping them have increased since then.

French bulldogs are affectionate, adorable and playful elements. You will just love their nature and they are wonderful companions of human beings. They are quite intelligent and witty, which is as per their nature. The stubbornness in their nature can make these dogs as challenging creatures to train.

They require patience and persistence for training. These creatures can socialize easily and requite c-section deliveries. The reason is that they can’t bear stress and can even die by excessive pressure on their body. There are 80% of frenchies reproduced with c-section delivery.

French bulldogs require artificial reproduction

Most of the French bulldog males are incapable of natural breeding. The dogs have very narrow and slim kind of hip structures, which makes the males incapable to mate the female for reproduction in a natural way. Breeders require for doing artificial insemination procedures in the body of females to make them pregnant. The breed has attained popularity for the reason of their cute body, clown faces, celebrity exposure and witty nature. They are excellent companions and if you are a pet lover, this one is certainly for you.

Frenchies are generally reproduced with artificial means, but the process has become very common for breeders. It is safe and done in the best way to bring the pure bullies having appropriate characteristics. Artificial insemination is done safely with the help of vet surgeons to reproduce healthy French bullies.