French bulldogs are the dogs typically having happy-go-lucky behavior. They are companion dogs having closest association with human beings. Their needs for space, exercising and walking are quite less and they require close association with the family.

The basic nature of every dog is different, but French bulldogs are basically calm and they are excellent choices for small apartment owners. They don’t bark too much and the flat structures of their faces are unsuitable for outdoor living. The breathing capability of Frenchies is lesser efficient due to the nasal bone shape. They can’t regulate body temperature and get heatstroke in excessive hot weather. This breed can’t swim and precautions need to be taken while they are being taken to the outside areas having water.

French bulldogs are lovable for children, but their behavior maybe too naughty and your supervision is required while they are playing with your kids.Is it worth to keep French bulldog at home The dogs have small size and weight around 28 pounds. You can’t drop them freely with your kids till the time you are sure about the intelligence of your own kids.

Frenchies will make you laugh by their actions. They chew the things and there will be rarest chances for them to bite anyone. There are not huge behavior issues and if trained well, they really correspond well. There are times when you will realize that they use their own wit to do certain tasks. They snore heavily and keep on cuddling you till you sleep.

The personality of every dog is different, irrespective of their breed. There are some common things in a few breeds, but personality of dog varies. Some of Frenchies are like clowns and you will get a smile while having a glance at them. There is aggression in some dogs, but those cases are the ones in which the dogs are not given proper love and care. French bulldogs are cute creatures requiring your love and all the best actions.